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Debating Life Issues
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Due to the Strikethrough of '07, I must state even clearer what this community is about or else the threat of having it permanently suspended will be a reality. This community is a debating community which discusses various topics, including controversial and taboo issues in the world. It does not condone/ encourage criminal activity. Not surprising, but a post was made to the community describing the situation in better detail.

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I am the Moderator, olpluvr. My main goal for this community is for members to interact amongst each other and share opinions based upon the topics listed for that day. To give people time to compile thoughts, I will try to update this site every 7 days; when the post starts to die down is when a new topic will be presented to debate. As community members, you can now post your own debate, under the criteria that the post isn't very biased (can't help but be a bit sometimes), tries to present two sides of the debate, and isn't discriminatory. The post will be in queue awaiting approval upon submission. The earliest the site will be updated is on the fifth day. It is my duty as a moderator to keep my opinions out of the posts, but I will however, post my beliefs in the comments portion of the entry. I will also try to find relevant sites to back up the topic being discussed. Do not hesitate to write down your most controversial/ abstract thoughts because no one will put you down... or the person will be penalized.

Of course, there are rules with every community that must be abided by or else you will be kicked out with fair warning:

  1. Do not bash any people's beliefs

  2. Do not negatively critisize people's views (debate them instead)

  3. Refrain from using slangs such as "U, wat, liek, kewl" unless you are trying to prove a point. Otherwise, you may not be taken seriously. This isn't a rule-it's more of a suggestion.

  4. Stay open-minded to see other opinions, even if you are well-grounded in your stance

  5. Never apologize for your views/opinions; back them up with reason

  6. If you know people on the site, do not make references to their personal preferences/lifestyle. It is something that the person can choose to do without having others do it for him/her.

  7. Don't refer to other debaters by their real name: only by their pseudo/ Livejournal name.

  8. Have fun and meet other people who share your love for debating!

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In order to keep this community active, it is vital to post your opinions and share them amongst each other. I will not go after people who don't post to every entry, but it is appreciated that if you are part of this community that you make a contribution periodically. And remember, when posting a comment, see if you can spark a debate by challenging other people's views by replying to their specific comment.

***Just because a topic is old, does not mean that you cannot enter your say in it. In fact, I encourage you to post your opinion in an older post. If an old topic has many people responding suddenly, I will revive it in a new post and draw attention directly to the original post.

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