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Gas Prices

****Before I start, please note I will not use actual figures since the American and Canadian use different metric systems.

What should be done about gas prices? What method of human action do you think would help lower the astronomical prices of gas, if any?

On example is in New Brunswick, Canada, truckers blockaded the Trans Canada Highway but were eventually persuaded by the authorities to take the trucks off the road. Could this have been an effective form of rebellion or should the truckers have stuck to their guns and stayed on the road? Read this for the more in-depth story: http://www.recorder.ca/cp/National/050908/n0908139A.html

Other people have mentioned that going on strike for not buying gas would be effective in sending a message to the government, but what do you think? Would this method fail because people will eventually buy the gas just to get to their own destinations or do you think more people will start using public transportation to travel (ie.- cabs/ taxis, buses, subway...)

First the excuse of the raising prices was because of the War in Iraq, but now it is said that it is because of Hurricane Katrina and lack of resources. What do you think is the reason behind the hike in pricing? Do you think this is a tactic for the government to get more money so that when (if) they lower gas prices, there will be a boom of profit for frantic customers to fill up their vehicles and a load of money will be made or do you think the prices will ever go back down.

Note- On the news in Nova Scotia, it was mentioned that prices for groceries may increase due to the gas prices of the stock being transported to grocery stoers. Do you believe this is the reason, partly the reason, or is it that this industry is looking for an excuse to raise their own prices?

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