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The Abortion Issue

Abortion Issue:

  1. No one should tell a woman that she has to/ should/ can’t have an abortion.
  2. A fetus is a living being- to take a life is immoral and should be illegal.

What is the right to life? Can we kill someone in self- defense? Does a fetus have rights?

  1. What is a person?

A thing is a person to the degree that it:

  1. Can feel pleasure and pain (rocks can’t feel pleasure or pain)
  2. Is aware of its internal and external environment (Can’t be harmed if it doesn’t feel pain)
  3. Is intelligent
  4. Have goals and projects.
  5. Is self-aware (of you and world around you. No concept of life, not a harm to kill it?)
  6. Can communicate (pleasant/ non-pleasant)
  7. Can respect other people’s rights

Do you think someone has the right to tell a woman whether or not she should have an abortion?

Should abortions be legal?

How much of a say should the father of the unborn baby have?

What rights do a fetus have, when does a fetus "develop" rights to his/her own body?

At what stage of a fetus' development makes it become a baby?

What are your views overall about this issue?

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