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The afterlife, does it exist?!

Hello community!! This is my first debate post, it's going to be on the topic of "the afterlife". This post is going to be in a bit of a different format than olpluvr would use, I cannot provide links that give proof to if the afterlife actually exists, nobody can proof that. What I am going to provide are aspects of this topic to discuss, and you as the posters can elaborate on them, and enlighten us all with your personal beliefs. It's going to be up to you to back up your theories with the sources you used to form them, whether it be from a religious standpoint, proof gathered from the media, personal experiences, etc. Again, I stress that I'm merely providing guidelines to this discussion, if I fail to mention a subtopic that you would like to mention on this "outside of the box" topic, feel free to add it to your post.

So, as promised, here are some points to ponder as you post your thoughts:

1. Is there life after death?!

2. What do you think about the concept of "heaven" and "hell"?!

3. What happens to the soul when the physical body fails?!

4. Do "spirits" walk amongst us?!

5. Are ghosts real?!

6. Do you believe that people can actually communicate with the dead, whether it be through psychics, tarot card readings, EVP(electronic voice phenomenon), "picture evidence", etc?!

7. When you die, is that "it"?!

8. Should people be trying to communicate with the dead, or should they accept the fact that their loved ones are gone?!

Remember, feel free to add ANYTHING I neglected to mention that you feel should be discussed. Please share your ideas, and provide how you came to your conclusions by adding your personal sources.

Happy posting!!


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