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A Community Update

I do apologize that this website hasn't been updated as frequently as it should be. Time has been permitting me to do so and this is where you come in if you're interested. If you're interested in writing any articles which can be debated, you now have posting access. Before I requested that if anyone wanted to write an article that they could e-mail me but now you can submit one and it will be in queue to be posted! I realized that the members to this community are dedicated and they deserve to have that recognition instead of e-mailing a possible post. The rules to a post are still the same but I can almost guarantee that it won't be rejected if you write one up.

The user information to this page will be adjusted accordingly. Thanks.

PS- If you can think of any advertising methods for this community, please leave a comment. I would like more joiners but have been unsuccessful in recruiting.

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