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LJ Outrage {biased post, just to warn}

I received an e-mail from LJ saying that they banned this community, debatification. After looking into it, I realized that many communities were suspended just because of controversial content- specifically pedophilia. Perverted Justice is quoted in stating that LJ is "an aggressive Corporate Sex Offender". Reading this post gave me more insight to what's going on in the LJ community.

Dear LiveJournal user debatification,

Your journal and/or its associated profile or interests has been reported to us
as containing material which expresses interest in, solicits, or encourages
illegal activity. As this is a violation of both LiveJournal's Terms of Service
and United States law, we have permanently suspended the journal.

If we become aware of any additional violations of LiveJournal's policies or
United States laws in the future, we reserve the right to permanently suspend
any other journals you may have and terminate your account without warning.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

Below is another complaint that was launched a while back. My community would fit in this category as we never encouraged illegal activity, or giving instructions/ hints how to engage in illegal activity. It was a community for debating life issues but somehow LJ went on a striking frenzy and deleted all communities remotely mentioning interests in something. Debatification was inactive for over a year as well but it doesn't change the fact that this was a mature debating community discussing issues in life that are controversial. As a mod I never came across comments endorsing illegal activities in any country or state, though of course it was discussed as an issue instead of any detailed "plots" or anything.

Dear LiveJournal user,

We understand and agree that this is very disturbing, we cannot take action against a user for admitting that they have committed illegal activities or are thinking about committing illegal activities. It is not illegal to discuss illegal actions. We can only take action if the user is actively encouraging others to commit such actions, or if they are soliciting or providing information on how to do so. Because this is not the case here, we regret that we cannot take action.


LiveJournal Abuse Team

On another account of mine a user was harassing every member and adding them to their f-list completely degrading everyone and kept making alias accounts to be accepted. I wrote LJ and alas, got the same kind of response as the above mentioned response one.

It disappoints me that the US has laws that forbid freedom of speech apparantly *obvious sarcasm*, while LJ is hypocritical (see above statement) by banning communities that are harmless and that also don't encourage any illegal activity... such as mine. I am enraged that LJ didn't take the time to actually read through these communities, but rather suspended accounts based on controversial terms. Because there are always 2 sides to each story, please read LJ's apology so that you can come to a better understanding of the situation: http://news.livejournal.com/99159.html?thread=47729495 .

Not only was this done to communities, but to personal journals as well. This happened to mine 2 days ago and I responded immediately for LJ to show proof of the allegations toward my site but alas, no response. Some of you think I may be taking this way out of context but I think it's a serious matter when basic human rights are being taken away. Today LJ reinstated this account, but I have some questions to ask members of this community:

1. Does Livejournal or any other website have the right to suspend accounts under false pretenses? While this account has been reinstated, would it have been legit for them to (not legally) keep it suspended?

2. Do you believe that Livejournal's actions were a form of censorship, invading basic human rights, justified because of triggering key words on userinfo pages, any sort of statement to Perverted Justice (explain), and/ or merely actions of puppets of Warriors of Innocence who threatened to remove funding if this didn't take place.

3. What are your thoughts on how a company can take drastic and undeniably unfair measures with concerns to how the company can be "trusted" in the future?

4. On a somewhat related note, what are your views on Perverted Justice's claims that Livejournal is "an aggressive Corporate Sex Offender"? It is a harsh accusation, so did P.J. take it too far with this accusation or should it be exposed more than it really has been in the past?

5. Your views on anything other aspect to this issue.
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