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"Survivor Segregation"

For those of you who are not familiar with the reality television series Survivor, click here to see how the game works.

I have not watched season 13, but became intrigued when I found out what it is about. The "twist" to this season is that the participants were divided into groups based on race at the beginning of the series. All are American, but the four groups consist of African, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian tribe members.

Do you believe that it is about time that television finally addressed unspoken racial issues of today, or has it gone too far by feeding into racial stereotypes? If you have watched this season, have you found that the members have fed into cliche views of their races or overcome them with unique personalities?

Does the winner of the show, and/or the runner ups, represent their race subconsciously? Possibly prove who is "better"? Or is it random, based on personalities, not based on their races/ how they interact with other tribe members?

Or is this just purely entertainment without any real value in the content- merely made to draw in a larger realm of audiences? Overall, do you think that the concept for this season's Survivor will have any impact on viewers (good or bad)? Should this idea have been broadcasted to millions of viewers?
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