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Another "touche" subject.

Can suicide ever be deemed as acceptable in any case? For example, a suicide bomber who is fighting for his (generally male) country in a lethal manner, or a person without friends/ family/ job/ no one even knows of his/her existence except for the government as they collect taxes?

Sounds like extreme situations, but is it ever right to off yourself? Even if "right' means that it is acceptable that someone is being a self-proclaimed martyr by fighting for his/her rights or using "life" as a powerful movement of sorts? Who is it seen "right" by, if it's seen as being "right", and whose opinions are more important- loved ones of the person or the person by trying to fulfill something?

Generally, suicide experienced by individuals who feel hopeless about their current situations, the lives they have created/ been born into, etc. So when they take their own lives, is it selfish because of the pain that loved ones will endure? Or can it be considered selfish of the loved ones when all a person wants to do is die because he/ she cannot bear to continue living a life that has been nothing but hell and it can never change? And to conclude this debate like the last paragraph, whose feelings are more relevant and who should be made happy- the suicide attempter or the loved ones? Another thought to think of is the abortion issue: "pro-choice"- taking a life or also how much of a choice someone has over his/ her own body... how much of a say should we really have? Not a direct link, but a suggestion.
Is someone who tries to take his/her life a coward for getting rid of his/ her problems the *easy* way, or has mental illness taken over so extremely that the person cannot think clearly and so it is seen more as the mental illness taking over... not the person? (Consider the mental illnesses, if you believe they exist, that would drive someone to attempt/ commit suicide)

This brings in another thought about euthanasia and how a pet (viewpoint of this social definition of "family" or "property") can be put down for suffering, yet a human can't. Mental or physical- but this post doesn't concern this subject. It's a thought that can arise with pondering opposing views.

PS- I know it's been awhile since there's been an update, but I hope someone responds. Now I have more time to put into this community and possibly recruit more people.
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