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Armed and Ready

What are your views on safety- from the public... aka "self-defense/ protection"?

Many people (moreso in the USA- or it might be a myth) protect their families by owning guns. When an intruder enters the house, they have the option to use and ensure that their family is unharmed. But is this a good idea, especially with children in the house? With freak accidents and children getting a hold of the weapons in the house, they can play a games and make-believe, but accidentally fire the weapon. They could also play games with regular household items, such as kitchen cutlery so should parents have all possible items hidden. Do you believe the average person would be able to fire a weapon without a second-guessing his/herself and end up making a fatal flaw anyway? Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Also, what about if you have to walk in a dangerous neighborhood at night? Is it better to be equipped in case of an attack- with a knife or gun- or are the chances of the weapon being turned on you too great to chance it? If you are being mugged, would you defend yourself by bringing in a weapon though you know that the culprit(s) might have one too or is it better to get one blow in and chance escaping?

Should people be equipped? If you think so, please explain why and weapons are ideal for your safety- or your family's safety. If not, what would you do in the case of having your house broken into (self-defense wise) or if you were mugged in the middle of the street?

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