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Personal Grooming

This post will be unlike the other debatification post. I wrote this in my personal journal without even thinking that it would be a great debating topic. The result of me posting this was a full- fledged debate in my journal and I am hoping for the same type of feedback. People were questioning each other actively (which is my goal for this community), but the main debate here is Should people shave their pubic hair? Sorry for it being biased, but I just cut and pasted what was in my journal to this post.

Porn star secrets for hair removal.

Top Ten Tips For Looking Great Naked and How to Take off Anything from The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked.

69 Things Every Gay Man Should Know About Looking Good. #69 is a lesson for all.

Testicles: STRIP AND RIP. Article in the Montreal Mirror. (The male version of "grooming")

Clean up your sex act from Men's Fitness. (I don't pay attention to fingernails! lol)

My opinon about "shaving"? I'll keep it short, especially since it's very offensive. Let's just say, why would someone be interested in someone who looks like a child with no hair? Trimming- good, shaving- bad. Your opinion, if you are open to discuss?

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