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Michael Jackson

I've tried these past few days to compile a debate with facts backed up for this topic, but everytime I write a paragraph it becomes very biased. Since it is also known throughout North America about the accusations made against the King of Pop, it's your turn to have your say.

Michael Jackson was aquitted on all 10 charges, with 4 being charges of child molestation. Is he a victim of society branding him as a pedophile because he's a successful artist, or is he really guilty and was aquitted because he can afford powerful lawyers?

One of the jurors (Raymond Hultman) who acquitted Michael Jackson on all counts said he believes the pop star is "probably" a molester, but the prosecution didn't prove it. Hultman said "that doesn't make sense" to him, when he spoke to a WNBC reporter about how Jackson allowed children to sleep in the same bed as himself. He also stated that didn't make Jackson guilty of the charges presented in this case.

Another note to be considered is whether or not his ex- wife Debbie Rowe told the truth. She admitted to selling her children fathered by Jackson to him, but now recants that statement made by British reporter Martin Bashir in the infamous documentary by saying that Michael threatened her by not ever letting her see the children again. Who is right in this situation, if anyone? What are your thoughts of the evidence against him shown by the prosecution (ie- the book found in his possession of naked boys- art or porn?).

There are many factors that can back up your opinion, so please voice what you think-- both in terms of if you think he's guilty, if you think he is what his punishment should be, who should maintain custody of the children he has with Ms. Rowe, and how fair the Martin Bashir documentary on Jackson was. If you believe Jackson is guilty, then it could be useful to return to this post and elaborate.

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