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Body Modification/ Employment

1. What are your views on tattoos/ piercings/ scarification?

2. Should they make an employer turned off in hiring a person with them?

3. How would a person know if that is the reason he/she did not get hired Vs. qualifications for the job?

4. Are there any jobs where you feel that these modifications are unacceptable?

5. Which piercings would you consider "acceptable", along with placement of tattoos, if you were an employer?

6. If you were an employer hiring a person, what would your first impression be of someone who walked into the interview with these body mods? Explain how you would judge this person (a slacker, an artistic person, etc.)

7. If someone walked into your place of work (hypothetically) with a visible scar/ tattoo/ piercing, would you find it disrespectful in any sense or a form of expression with preferences?

Please elaborate on the answers to these questions. As we all know, many people have seperate views on this subject.

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